here to help you achieve more

our goal is to provide more for charities

more awareness through marketing and PR

more income through corporate partnerships

more engagement through events

how 'more' is defined will depend on your needs

more help when you need it

+moregiving pulls together specialists in their fields to help your charity with its objectives.

With decades within the team of running businesses and being involved with charities we bring independent and objective insights that make a difference.

Whether your requirement is small or large, short term or long-term, routine work or creative work, we can help.

Just get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help.

the team behind +moregiving

John Gallery

Marketing Maniac

‘…if it irritates, it’s working’

Mark Sims

Tech Trapper

‘…left field, right tech’

Paul Cook

Events Enabler

‘…happenings don’t just happen’