A powerful set of tools when you integrate the +moregiving.co.uk FUSE™ service with our research and event management services.

Understanding your fundraisers and their motivations has a huge bearing on your approach and events make a major contribution. To support charities and corporate organisations, we have two support partners: Research and Event Management. 


+moregiving.co.uk has a full-service social and market research agency partner, Qa Research which has provided insight to organisations throughout the UK for 25 years.
Qa’s expertise in certain sectors means researchers offer recommendations that help to take clients forward whether this is for social outputs or financial return.
Interviewers are selected to work on projects are chosen for their ability to engage with individuals in challenging circumstances on topics of great sensitivity. Such skills and expertise will ensure the target respondents feel engaged in the process and able to answer openly and honestly so that the data is a true reflection of their experiences. Charities and their corporate partners are encouraged to work with moregiving and Qa to enhance knowledge and understanding of their key audiences.

Event Management

Our event management partners provide a highly personalised service which is both friendly and professional. We demonstrate fantastic attention to detail and you can be assured that stringent project management procedures are in place to ensure solid budgetary and health and safety controls.