+moregiving.co.uk is more than a fundraising platform. The team have wide experience and skill sets that can support charities and organisations with the marketing of their fundraising initiatives and events management/marketing. 


Working with a variety of different clients since our formation. 

We have been instrumental in helping dozens of organisations develop their marketing resulting in greater charity donations.

P.R. and Branding

Putting your long-term aims and objectives into context and writing plans that can be implemented in practical and cost-effective ways. Getting your news and initiatives into print and digital media.

Online Marketing & Social Media

We can help with developing creative newsletters, providing advice on social media and reviewing content for websites. Our work is about supporting your digital ‘footprint’ by implementing meaningful communications.

Branding & Positioning

Reviewing your image, checking your market position and advising about target markets. Jargon-free great ideas that help you to ‘punch above your weight’.

Sales & Data Management

Assisting with your existing customer relationships and introducing new contacts to grow your customer base.