Enhance direct relationships with your donors through moregiving’s FUSE™ fundraising software
  • In response to a direct need in the charity sector, moregiving developed the FUSE™ unbranded fundraising software. 
  • FUSE™ incorporates a host of built-in features to assist non profit organisations to raise and retain more money and to engage with new fundraisers.
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  • Take a Test Ride on the moregiving FUSE™fundraising platform. This page allows you to see how the platform can present your fundraising in YOUR brand with the fundraising page example.

Two core modules combine to form a powerful online fundraising programme:

Choose our FUSE™ online fundraising software because:

  • It provides major increases in online fundraising revenue
  • Low cost of operation, especially compared to most third party branded fundraising platforms
  • There is no investment in software or hardware
  • You own all the fundraiser and donor data
  • You can present all information in the look and feel of your charity’s own website.

Organisations benefitting from FUSE™

  • stroke association with more giving
  • capita with more giving
  • anthony nolan uses moregiving fuse platform
  • kidney research uses moregiving fuse fundraising platform
  • alzheimers society uses moregiving fuse fundraising platform
  • midlands air ambulance charity uses moregiving fuse fundraising platform

Major features of our FUSE™ online fundraising software are:

Championing a Charity’s Brand

Charities invest heavily in their own brand building and fundraising, and often their messages get diluted when using a third-party online fundraising system.  To make the most of your brand equity and create a seamless journey for your donor it is important that all communication follows your corporate format with the same look and feel of your charity’s website.

By using the FUSE™ online fundraising platform charities present only their own brand to fundraisers and donors, retaining the all important direct relationship with their supporters.

Data outputs for Local CRM and Management Reports 

Charities gain a great advantage by using the FUSE™ charity software as data can be seamlessly integrated to existing CRM systems. ‘At a glance management’ takes on true meaning as management summaries can be presented on a dashboard with key figures and graphical presentation of event registration and online fundraising data. 

Social Networking Features

The FUSE™ online fundraising software links charities and their fundraisers into social networks. Including Twitter and Facebook our platform enables charities to tap into one of the fastest growing fundraising marketplaces.

Increased Income & Lower Charges 

The FUSE™ online fundraising software is the most cost effective in the charity fundraising market.  By using our charity software for integrated event registration and fundraising it is proven that charities income increases.  At the same time +moregiving.co.uk’s attractive charging model reduces charity costs, meaning that more of every donor’s £ goes to vital services.

Ongoing Development of New Modules 

+moregiving.co.uk regularly releases new versions of the platform to provide charities with new features to enhance their online fundraising efforts.  We also take onboard feedback and requests for new features from our charity partners and roll these out across our platform so all customers benefit at no extra cost.